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Protecting and Restoring Historical Buildings

Cultural Resource Management & Preservation Efforts

Among the most significant work at Brookland CDC is the cultural resource management and preservation of historic buildings in Washington, DC. We are dedicated to protecting and restoring our neighborhood's rich cultural landmarks.

Historical Surveys

Our History and Historical Preservation Program is designed to foster a greater appreciation for the historical landmarks and resources in the neighborhood of Brookland. To complete this, we document cultural resources and work to encourage their preservation. Our goal is to develop interest and recognition of these sites through research, publications, artistic interpretations, and technical assistance activities.

Historical Preservation

In 2005, we became aware that support for a historic district was lacking. This awareness caused us to turn our attention to protecting individual historic resources of particular importance. As a result, we nominated the Newton Theater to the DC Historic Preservation Office and gave a presentation on the background and significance of the theater to their board. The board voted unanimously to designate the theater as a local landmark, nominating it to the National Register of Historic Places.

Newton Theater, Brookland, D.C.

Since then, the theater has been protected as a landmark, and its owner is eligible for federal tax credits for improvements made on the building. This is our proudest achievement as an organization.